Cancer Genomics Data Portal


The field of cancer research is advancing at a rapid pace due to the declining cost of next-generation DNA sequencing. Massive DNA sequence data, complex molecular profiles, and rich clinical data are being generated from thousands of cancer patients worldwide. Several such projects are also underway in Singapore.

However, considerable computational expertise and resources are required to integrate and mine these datasets. This presents a significant barrier for clinicians and use of this data to study cancer precision medicine.

To meet this demand, we are developing the Singapore Oncology Data Portal (OncoSG). OncoSG is powered by the cBioPortal, and enables integration, visualization, analysis, and sharing of cancer genomics datasets in Singapore. The aim is to speed-up translation of cancer genomics data into new biological insights and clinical applications. OncoSG currently stores data for more than 50,000 patient tumor samples, including more than 2,000 samples from projects in Singapore. OncoSG is developed by the Skanderup lab at Genome Institute of Singapore.


Public site

A public site containing published and open-access cancer genomics datasets from Singapore; for those who want to experience OncoSG. Note: The public site does not include tumor samples and studies from cBioPortal, please visit cBioPortal.org if you just want to access this data.

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Private site

A private site containing collaborator controlled-access studies; for users who have an account with us.

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Interactive charts

Discover patterns and correlations between clinical attributes.

Enhanced annotations

Mutations annotated against various database such as OncoKB and known cancer hotspots.

Combined study analysis

Combine and compare mutation and expression data across cancer studies.

Secure data sharing

Share data with collaborators on a secure platform for access-controlled studies.


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